Nick Daws reveals his eagerness to bring Ryan Yates back to Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe United’s newly-appointed boss Nick Daws has admitted he would be delighted to see a return to Glanford Park for last season’s loanee, Ryan Yates.

The club unveiled Olufela Olomola on May 21, but since then, there has been little in the way of players we are linked with.

It’s no secret that most players are currently away on their holiday’s, and once they begin to return there will likely be some movement in (and out) of the club.

Daws claims he is contact with agents of players he is interested in bringing to United, but interestingly, spoke in depth about one former loanee.

“Ryan was incredible over that period of time,” Daws told

“He scored against Peterborough and hit the ground running.

“I describe him as a sponge really and what I mean by that is he is seeking information and seeking ways to improve and better himself every minute of the day. He’s really easy to work with.

“He’s so coachable, it’s incredible. Ryan is a player of exceptional potential and if we can get him back here, I’d be delighted.”

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One thought on “Nick Daws reveals his eagerness to bring Ryan Yates back to Scunthorpe

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