Alexander: Expect news on former-Leeds and Brentford midfielder to come ‘next week’

Graham Alexander has confirmed that former-Leeds and Brentford midfielder Toumani Diagouraga is still training with the club, and will discuss his future in the coming days.

We announced that Diagouraga first began training with the Iron at the end of August, on transfer deadline day.

We followed that announcement up with an article a week later that suggested Alexander was to offer the player a deal, although things had gone quiet since then.

Despite things going quiet, the French midfielder had remained training with the club despite a ‘contract offer from Aberdeen and Bury’, and played in a behind the doors friendly against Preston for the Iron this week.

Alexander provided his latest update on the player to The Scunthorpe Telegraph, and said: “Toumani is still with us.

“He played in the behind closed doors game the other day. I didn’t get to see him after the game so I will chat with him today (Thursday) about how we go forward from here.

“I will speak to him about how it has gone so far. I will get his thoughts and I will give him my thoughts and take it from there.

“Hopefully I should have some news maybe next week.” He concluded.


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