How to be an English Football fan as an Australian

How To Be An English Football Fan As An Australian

English football has fans all around the globe including Australia where the sport has a massive following. This is not surprising since the Premier League is known to have some of the best teams in the world. In fact, Manchester United is one of the most valuable brands in all of sports with its worth being in the billions of dollars. The league also attracts the best managers and players from every corner of the globe. If a fan wishes to follow the superstars, then this and the Spanish La Liga are good starting points.
Online Football Betting
Betting provides fans with the chance to earn bragging rights with their knowledge of the game. Predict the winner, the score, and other aspects of a match to impress your mates. You can even win cash by using real money and using online betting apps. Check the odds to see if they are in your favor. Those who follow the Premier League regularly will have a massive advantage over casual fans. You can use your insights to increase your chances of winning. Just remember to use stone cold logic in making your picks and not let sentimental favorites cloud your judgment. During the off-season, you can enjoy Royal Vegas Australia’s massive selection of casino games instead.
Watching the Games
It can be difficult to catch the games when they air live owing to the time difference. If you live in Sydney and the match is taking place in London, then you will have to deal with a 10-hour gap. You might have to wake up very early in the morning just to follow the developments. Not everyone can do so since most are busy getting ready for work or school during this period. Some might be able to livestream the matches on their phone while commuting. Others may simply record it using their DVR and watch once they get home in the evening.
Going to England
English teams team to play a good amount of friendlies all over the world and Australia is a frequent destination. Both the national team and the top clubs drop by from time to time to the delight of the locals. These present the perfect opportunity for dedicated fans to catch their heroes in action. Be sure to get tickets early since these get snapped up right away. Of course, it is also possible for fans to book a trip to England and watch there. Visit relatives, friends, and business partners while catching a game on the side.
Buying Merchandise

Thanks to the popularity of English football, it is fairly easy to find genuine merchandise of Premier League clubs around Australia. Most sporting goods shops carry the kits including the big brands that sponsor these teams and athletes. Trading cards, posters, toy figures, and other memorabilia may be harder to find. Your best bet is the Internet with eBay being a prime example. Some might have to be shipped from England or elsewhere. For rare finds, the cost might be justified.

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