Former-Iron defender Izzy Iriekpen given jail time

Iriekpen celebrates with Gary Hooper during his Scunny days

He was signed in 2007 as the Iron prepared to take on the dizzying heights of Championship football for the first time in over forty years, and even went on to score the vital equaliser on his debut at Charlton Athletic, sending thousands of United fans into raptures – but former-Iron Izzy Iriekpen has hit a low after being handed a three-year and three-month sentence for glassing a bouncer on a night out in 2014.

Iriekpen left 33-year-old martial arts expert Simon Williams needing surgery after he suffered two severed arteries in the clash with Iriekpen outside a pub in Notting Hill.

‘Ezomo’ appeared 33 times in the league for Scunny, but left on rather bad terms after being put on the transfer list half way through the 2008/09 season by then manager Nigel Adkins. He spoke of his departure at the time, saying:

“I am disappointed that my departure was not handled with the professionalism I expected, but am leaving with the confidence that I have made substantial contributions to the club and have a bright future ahead.”

In the court hearing, Iriekpen had claimed he forgot he was holding the glass before he claims he lashed out in ‘self defence’. The Old Bailey saw it as the 33-year-old had lost patience with Williams after the bouncer was said to have left Iriekpen feeling ‘disrespected’.

Despite the shocking revelations, I will never forget the moment of being amongst this crowd as Iriekpen slammed home a thunder header.

EDIT: You will need to click on the YouTube button on this video to be able to watch it. It’s worth it. Up the Iron!


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