This isn’t the way it was supposed to happen, man.

After a marvellous pre-season Iron fans would be forgiven for looking up at the League One table and saying – “This could be our year.”.

Six games in, the optimism is all but gone. It really does prove that the old cliche that never judge a team on pre-season results exists – I mean, we beat Sheffield Wednesday – and deservedly, but what the heck does that mean now? Nothing.
The formation which worked so wonderfully in pre-season is fluttering, and badly. The lack of width in the squad is telling – a switch to 4-4-2 and this squad is more than capable.
Injuries haven’t helped in all honesty. Losing Luke Williams in that Burton match saw us lose our attacking threat from midfield. Neal Bishop and Seany Mac are fantastic footballers, but both are very similar in their style of play – both will stick their foot in where it matters, but you won’t be seeing thirty-yard screamers from McAllister I’m afraid – and that’s fine, because that isn’t the midfielder he is, but without Williams we lack so much in midfield.
Scott Laird and Scott Wiseman are both fantastic footballers too, but they are not miracle workers. The flanks are being used by our opposition as the way to break us down – it’s happening every game. You put a winger in front of either of them and it’s a different story altogether.
Laird overlapping a winger and sending in those brilliant crosses we know he’s capable of, whilst then having cover behind him if it’s cleared – it’s the way we have to go on from now, the thought of that almost gets me giddy.
One more basic change needed is these silly goals conceded from corners. Bishop mentioned in his post-match interview, you cannot defend corners like we have two weeks straight – it’s cost us a minimum of four points.
It’s still far too early for Iron fans to be calling for a managers head, we’re six games in guys.
We’ll have to wait and see, que sera sera and all that – trust the Swann’s, they’re doing a hell of a lot for our club.
As always, Up the MIGHTY Iron!

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