Luke Williams out for the foreseeable future after Burton loss

Saturday was not quite the opening day magic you hope for all Summer.

In fact, it was quite demoralising. But you cannot lay the blame solely on the players and manager, we were let down by a quite frankly inept referee too – he wouldn’t have been up to standard refereeing a Sunday football match.

The referee’s are there to maintain player safety throughout a match, amongst other things. So why, when someone went through Luke Williams so hard that it forced him off on a stretcher – were there no repercussions for that player? Why?

I knew as soon as Williams went down it was bad – I feared the worst, and I felt his pain and disappointment too. You work your socks off in pre-season ready for the start of the league and then bam – one idiotic challenge and you won’t kick a ball again for months.

Just after the Williams injury, another Burton player went through the back of Scotty Laird too – still no whistle. Shocking.

It wasn’t just the injury decision that let the ref down on the day. Countless petty fouls were given to our opposition, but when the same were on our end of the stick – nothing.

But I will stop my moaning about the officials now, because the other fact is we weren’t quite up to it on Saturday.

Over 1000 Iron fans travelled ready to watch a team who had gone unbeaten in pre-season, and played very well on occasions too.

Sadly, they would witness a 2-1 loss which was backed in the football predictions by the bookies which was marred by the injury to Williams and the bizarre moment when Luke Daniels decided to elbow Mark Duffy in the face.

Yes, the referee did get one thing right – Daniels had to go. I knew he was a goner, when the ref hadn’t even began talking to the linesman and Anyon was already stripped off ready to come on.

But let’s face it, that was one game – and it does not define our season whatsoever. Just because Burton won, it doesn’t mean they will have a successful season. Just like our loss doesn’t mean we will definitely be in a relegation scrap under Robins!

Mark Robins is not on borrowed time and those calling for his head need to realise how silly their calls are. Only one game in lads.

We have a chance to put on a good show on Tuesday in the Capital One cup against Barnsley, before Crewe come to Glanford Park on Saturday.

Get behind the boys, and forget what was a bad day at the office.

Up the Iron.


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