Well, that was unexpected…


Well last night provided Iron fans with a feeling we had not experienced for a long while. Pure ecstasy!
I can honestly say I had completely forgotten how it felt to listen to the game on the radio and have a genuine expectancy for more and more goals. The last 2 years has seen us scrape wins and not always deserve them, but finally we absolutely destroyed a team – Albeit a team who ended up with only 9 players on the pitch. But that’s not the point, they were both definite sending’s off so that is poor discipline on the Rochdale side of things. On the same night Southend went a goal down and a man down at Portsmouth before they scored twice late on. We didn’t fall into that trap, we finished Rochdale professionally and fashionably.
I had wanted to drive to the game from Leeds with my little brother but sadly I suffer from mental health problems and last night was the latest meeting with my therapist. Sometimes football comes secondary to the more pressing issues in your life. I must admit though I left my therapist and flicked the radio on, and what ensued left me floating on cloud 9 – Something that very rarely happens these days.
Goals from Canavan, Winnall (PEN), Spencer and Syers saw the Iron romp Dale 4-0. The last time we tasted a 4-0 success was under Baraclough on that famous night in England’s ‘other’ steel city – Sheffield.
It’s also worth mentioning the defensive solidarity which has been praised by many during and after yesterday’s game. It’s not long since we ourselves conceded 4 at home, so this has been a brilliant turnaround in only a few weeks. 
Now we still are without a manager but let’s give Russ Wilcox a massive pat on the back, he is doing a smashing job in the caretaker role and is even now favourite to take the job full time! 
His tactics in the past 2 games have been refreshing and giving youngsters like Adelakun their first senior start will only improve his popularity with both fans and chairman, Peter Swann.
Swann has said he expects an announcement sometime next week with regards to the managers position, but for now we can relax easy after 2 fantastic wins. There’s no real urgency at the moment to get someone else in let’s be honest! Leave Russ to it for the time being I say!
Saturday we are at home to ALAN KNILL’s Torquay. This game is one a lot of Scunthorpe fans have been looking forward to, a chance to get one over on the man who destroyed the foundations laid by previous managers at Glanford Park. 
If you are planning on wearing a squirrel fancy dress suit, I salute you. Do it, and let’s smash Knill’s Torquay and push for the automatic spots!

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