Michael Collins return to full fitness could be vital to survival this season

So after over a year out Iron fans could be forgiven for relatively forgetting that Michael Collins was still one of our players. He was a player that wasn’t exactly brought here on the cheap and arrived with a lot of expectation on his back.
Well it’s safe to say injuries that have ruled him out for long periods of time has definitely ruined any chance of him previously living up to any expectations Iron fans may have had of Michael, but with him returning to the pitch for the final minutes of the game on Saturday at Swindon and then playing for almost the full second half on Tuesday night maybe it is finally time for Collins to have a long run in the side and help us start picking up points.
With the Iron 3-1 down at half time yesterday the game was amost certainly out of reach for a Scunthorpe side that had not scored more than 1 goal in their previous 19 league encounters, however, with Robbie Gibbons going off soon after the restart and Michael coming on in his place the game turned in the Iron’s favour and we pulled back a further goal through Karl Hawley midway through the half. Surely we could not complete the comeback and score a third?
Sadly despite mounting a huge amount of pressure on the Preston goal it came to nothing and the game finished a disappointing Scunthorpe United 2-3 Preston North End.
If we had not started the game in such a disgusting manner this would have been ours for the taking. How many times this season have we dominated the first period and then faded away in the second? So the one time we enjoy a good second half it means absolutely nothing because of a quite catrostrophic first period. To go 3-0 down after 35 minutes at home is just not good enough.

So I sit here at 16:35 on Wednesday afternoon wondering how on earth Alan Knill still has a job. I have been a supporter of Alan through all of the start of the season, but the last week has been the nail in the coffin for me.
How he can judge not starting arguably one of our top players last season in Andy Barcham at all over the last 2 months is beyond me. Yes he has no confidence, but how is he going to get that confidence back if he is getting 10 minutes at the end of the match to make a difference? It just ain’t going to happen.
We all know that we will lose Leon Clarke once his loan spell is up and to say he alone has scored around 80% of our goals this season, what is going to happen when he does leave? This is not something where the blame can be laid on Mr.Knill, this blame is laid solely on our chairman who despite watching us sink faster than the titanic is not going to open his wallet and fund for a man that could very well keep us in this league.
As for Alan Knill I understand it may be a costly affair getting rid of him, but I want what is best for my club and whether that means funding for his sacking or backing him financially in January I just don’t care as long as MY club starts picking up points and get theirselves away from our impending doom.

So this Saturday we host Milton Keynes Dons, a team who are fairing relatively well this season and will come to Glanford Park expecting a win.
What do I expect from this game? I just don’t know anymore. If we play like we did last night on Saturday the game will end in a similiar fate to last night. However if we can get into half time with the scores even and push forward like we did against Preston in the second half then I would back us to win, absolutely.
Let’s see what happens, but as always, UP THE IRON!


4 thoughts on “Michael Collins return to full fitness could be vital to survival this season

  1. Totally agree and would like to add what on earth was Knill doing leaving Mirfin on the bench surely he's a must with our defensive frailties. In my view I also think he should be playing Josh Walker we seem to struggle to maintain possession in midfield and some of our passing is severely lacking. I thought he played really well when he was in the team and surely needs to be given a chance again.
    Makes you wonder how long they will stick with Knill if we continue not picking up any points or getting some wins under our belt. Surely it can't continue much longer but I'll stick by them as always! UP THE IRON!!


  2. I could NOT believe that Mirfin was left on the bench on Tuesday! I'd understand if he was coming back from an injury but he wasn't! A very bizarre decision indeed.
    I have liked Walker since he joined us last season, I think with a player like Mozika or Collins playing beside him he could probably excel more than he has so far this season.
    As you say we will always still by the lads, but something needs to change and quickly!

    Up the Iron!!


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