Opposition Fans views – Yeovil Town

Scunthorpe host Yeovil this weekend

So 2 games in and we have 0 points. At least at this point last season we had accumulated 2 points! Nonetheless we remain faithful and look ahead to this Saturday’s game at home to Yeovil Town, who were in a similar position league position wise last season to the Iron.

Yeovil have started impressively taking 4 points from their opening 2 games.

We ask a few of their supporters for their thoughts before the game:

1) What are you expectations for the upcoming season?
puffpaddy – Mid table, with a glimmer of hope of reaching the playoffs or at least being in contention of a place in the playoffs as we near the end of the season.
kota kinabalu – Certainly a mid table finish. Squad size could be an issue. A decent FA Cup run to go with the West Brom game in the league cup would be great.
JDCSR – A comfortable mid table place with no fear of relegation. If the squad stays fit then a tilt at the play offs isn’t off the cards.

2) What have you made of Yeovil’s opening 2 games this season?
puffpaddy – Brilliant, we look to have pace, passion and quality in our squad, even though its a bit small. If we keep injury free we should have a good season. Brentford match was one of the best I have been to for a while.
kota kinabalu – Excellent, certainly exceeded my expectations.
JDCSR – Superb. The whole team looks good and GJ has us playing really well so far.

3) Who is your star man that we should be worried about?
puffpaddy – Star men for me would be Marek Stech (GK), looks far above L1 standard and is a real presence at the back. James Hayter as well looks good, works tirelessly and seems to have that experience about him.
kota kinabalu – Marek Stech in goal or James Hayter. 
JDCSR – Marek Stech is a class above, actually he’s probably more than on class above. Hayter and Reid have the makings of a good strike partnership. But I will single out Ed Upson. Ed seems to get better in every game he plays and is a real driving force in our midfield, a great box to box midfielder able to do everything.

4) Are you expecting any more signings in the upcoming weeks?
puffpaddy – I doubt we will make anymore unless we have injuries.
kota kinabalu – Possibly another loan signing and maybe one permanent.
DCSR – I highly doubt it unless we have a few injuries.

5) What are your thoughts on the Iron’s chances this season?
puffpaddy – The iron seem to have some good players and I was suprised that you were at the wrong end of the table last season. I was suprised when Knill was hired as your boss and my thoughts on that haven’t changed. The iron should be around the playoff spots, but then I suppose some would argue that you have over achieved on a small playing budget until now.
kota kinabalu – Don’t know too much about you but I’d think mid-table would be about right, similar to us.
JDCSR – Similar to us I imagine, probably in that niche where a good season could be a tilt at the play offs but a bad one could mean looking over your shoulder at the relegation zone.

and finally 6) Scoreline predition?
puffpaddy – Scunny 1-2 Yeovil
kota kinabalu – Scunthorpe United 1 Yeovil Town 2 
JDCSR – 2-1 to the Yeovil :).

Massive Thank you to the Yeovil fans who replied above!

Let’s hope we can finally get our season up and running!

Up the Iron! 


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