Opposition Fans views – Crewe Alexandra

The Iron host Crewe on Tuesday

For the new season we are going to run an ‘Opposition Fans views’ article where we ask the opposition fans of our upcoming game their thoughts.

On Tuesday night the Iron play their first home game of the season against Crewe. After last Tuesday’s astonishing comeback against Championship Derby, and Saturdays embarrassing romping against Crawley Town I really have no idea what to expect from this game. I guess that is a good thing, I am open minded.

Here is the thoughts of a couple of Crewe fans when asked a handful of Questions:

1) What are you expectations for the upcoming season?
jj1532 – I’ve said all along that i’d take 20th come the end of the season. We shouldn’t aim for it, but should we finish there, i’d take it. However, I feel a realistic finish is somewhere aroun 15-18th ish.
albert – A top half of the table position is a realistic target and if lady luck is with us then just outside the play offs.

2) How did you feel Crewe performed on Saturday in the 2-1 loss to Notts County?
jj1532 – I feel we were disappointing. Didn’t control the game enough and let ourselves get sucked in by Countys effective tactics. On another day, we may well have got a point, although I don’t think our overall play deserved it. 
albert – Footballing game was stifled with the time wasting and feigning injury tactics and generally stop us playing approach, we didn’t alter our play enough to deal with the tactics. that will come with experience ( I just hope it dosnt take too long to learn).

3) Who is your star man that we should be worried about?
jj1532 – Mathais Pogba. On fire in pre-season and carried it into the proper season with 3 in 2 games. He’s a big tall powerful striker who will cause your defence all sorts of problems all being well.
albert – Defo pogba, he has stepped up and hopefully want to emulate his brother so he is defo one to watch, that said our home grown youngsters are looking like decent players and any one of them could shine if they apply themselves with the right mentality.

4) Do you expect any more signings before the season starts?
jj1532 – We are getting a striker in either today or tomorrow and will be in the squad. Won’t be a marquee signing or anyone to shout from the rooftops about. But barring that, unless we have a mass on injuries in any positions or we lose any key players, that should be us done for the summer.
albert – Apart from the striker which I assume is purely for asertive reasons (hoping to create a fight for place mentality) as I believe the squad we have can do well in this league.

5) What are your thoughts on the Iron’s chances this season?
jj1532 – Tricky one. After a nightmare season last time, you can’t see them being as bad this time around. However, after losing badly to Crawley, it looks like the Iron are in for another tough season. Knill is under pressure, the crowds are dipping. Could be a bleak season for the Iron if results continue to dip.
albert – Come on get real here, the Irons , you will be lucky to avoid the drop this season, you were dire last term and dont look to have done much about it.

and finally 6) Scoreline predition?
 jj1532 – Going 1-1, which i’d say both teams would take. Could possibly sneak a win perhaps, but I’d take a point.
albert – Scunthorpe a credible 1 crewe alexandra a deserved 2.

Thank you to these 2 Crewe fans for their views.

Hope to see you down at Glanford Park tonight, let’s support the boys and get our season going.

Up The Iron!!


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