13 thoughts on “R.I.P. Grandad (Archie Gibson)

  1. Sad news and a touching blog. An obituary for your grandfather is being published in tomorrow's Yorkshire Evening Post.

    Phil Hay


  2. Ross,
    Sorry to hear about your grandad.
    I now live in Dubai and only heard the news this week, please accept my condolences.
    Archie was my boyhood hero, we lived in the same Road, Hamilton Road when i was a young teenager and i spoke to him regularly, i was and still am a United supporter and watched him play with great admiration.i remember one year when he first footed our house at new year.
    I signed schoolboy forms for utd whilest he was still skipper and a few years later played with him at Brigg Town.
    All of my memories of him are good, a gentleman,classy player and a pleasure to be around.His passing has come as quite a shock as i was not aware of his health problems.
    David Roach.


  3. Hi David,

    Thanks for your comment! It is Hamilton road where he remained for the rest of his life and that is where my Grandma still lives.
    I am glad your memories of Grandad are good, I completely agree with you, he was a gentlemen.
    It's a shame he isn't around to slip his boots and sort the mess United are in at the moment!

    All the best David,

    Ross Gibson


  4. I remember Arcie,he used to kick a ball around the village of Dailly with my brother Robert,Sadly Robert now has Alzheimers,but next time I see him,I'll let him know about Archie,he often mentioned him.
    R.I.P. Archie

    Ralph Smith


  5. Hi Ralph,

    I appreciate the comment my good friend 🙂 I am sorry to hear about your brother and hope you have plenty of good memories to keep you going through the hard times.
    I plan on heading up to Dailly in the not so distant future to see the scenery where Grandad grew up, I hear it's very beautiful.

    All the best,

    Ross Gibson


  6. im trying to find relatives of archie,a woman in the states who is his neice,diane potcher the family moved to the states in 1946.she has a last known address for a james bradley 127 warwick calderwood,if u could please get in touch i will pass her on to you thanks,


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