Iron youngster heads to Milan

In an announcement that will no doubt prompt widespread shock, admiration and no doubt a wee bit of envy as well – Scunthorpe United have revealed that one of our U/15 prospects will be heading down to the Rossoneri for a once in a lifetime trial.

Charles Vernam – clearly a hotshot for the U/15 Academy Team: is heading down to AC Milan for a 6 day trial with arguably the biggest club in Italy.

Still owned by the sex pest turned politician Sylvio Berlusconi – the two pictures symbolise what a culture shock might just be in order for the Caistor Grammar School.

Charlie has been with Scunthorpe United since the age of 9 – and is known to be a particularly avid fan of the Iron as well.

Alongside 3 of his U/15 team-mates, it’s known that they have been offered YT apprenticeships 12 months earlier than usual.

Clearly this shows that they might have a crop with more talent than usual – and were trying to fend off unwanted suitors.

But when the likes of AC Milan come knocking: it’s beyond impossible to fend them off. Indeed – it’s known that he has gone with the Iron’s blessing.

Whether the young striker signs for the Italian giants is another matter. But if he does: it’s likely to be a lucrative deal for both us and Caistor Grammar – who will be loving all the positive publicity it throws their way.

The ultimate outcome of his trail is likely to be of considerable interest to many across Scunthorpe and surrounding the Iron: so don’t be surprised if there’s another piece on it down the line.

And frankly, if the trial is unsuccessful for any reason – he might suddenly find himself nearer the first team squad than most U/15s tend to be!

Stories like this, (and Dale Jennings & Bayern Munich etc), always do raise an eyebrow and make you wonder what the likes of AC Milan are scouting at Scunthorpe for – but you can only imagine the lad must have more than a fair bit about him if they are!


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