Iron-Walsall clash called off

With Glanford Park, like so many other ground around the country – falling foul of the freezing weather, our game has sadly hit the buffers as well.

Thus the Iron’s planned hosting of relegation rivals Walsall has thus been postponed.

Following the pitch inspection this morning – the referee decided that the frost, which had seeped through the covers, had made the pitch unplayable.

With Scunny having not played since Sheffield Wednesday a week last Tuesday, a continued absence will only increase everyone’s frustration.

This is particularly so given the fact that we’d had a good Transfer Window Deadline, but all Iron fans will have to wait till at least Yeovil to see if any momentum from the signings can be found.

With temperatures having reached minus 6 this morning, the covers weren’t able to adequately protect the pitch, and like so many games across the country: it has sadly been postponed.

But on the upside, at least it was called off early this morning with plenty of time for all Walsall fans to have not made the journey.

So let’s just make sure we deliver the good away to Yeovil then Iron!


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