Un-eventful AGM re-elects board

An uneventful Scunthorpe United AGM last night ensured that the board were all re-elected by the shareholders – despite the fact the vast majority of that power came from those who re-electing themselves in the first place.

Nothing like a shareholders meeting eh?

But at the Iron’s Annual General Meeting – supposedly a place whereby accountability is sacred, and Shareholders provide transparency: seemed like a bit of a wet fart in a bath. Nothing but an inconvenience to those around it: and achieving basically zero.

The only highlight, and thankfully somewhat revealing aspect of it – was the Q & A session that Knill held with the shareholders at the end, with questions on all topic welcome. It must have otherwise been an incredibly frustrating night for all: especially the Scunny gaffer – finding himself surrounded by grey men in suits making sure that the establishment was going nowhere any time soon.

The accounts were approved, obviously meaning that any objecting shareholders could not pass objections. Then again – those who are responsible for crafting them, are those responsible for ‘passing’ them.

The poacher is also the gamekeeper. Quixotic eh?

Some of the shareholders present were asked as to their opinions of Supporters Trust, although as to whether or not there is, or ever could be, the infrastructure present – or the willingness of others to sell, for it to be a big-time player in the running of the club in the medium to long term.

It was then down to Alan Knill to once more to provide the meat & drink of the otherwise starved AGM.

His answers involved further explanations as to why he made the jump from East Lancs to North Lincs back in April, and his hopes for the season ahead: and reflections on what has already passed.

Perhaps most revealing was his answer to the first question – his confession and determination, that he’d like to have a mini-clearout in January was thinly disguised.

The number of players they’d like to lose is dependent on how many offers they get? So don’t be surprised if there’s a fair few heading away from Glanford Park in the transfer window.

There was then frustration over how the wages of youngsters at big clubs have seen their wages catapult into the air of late, all but taking them out of Scunthorpe’s price planet sadly.

With more musings on loanees, Notts County, and the January transfer window no doubt significantly gleaning light on the whole operation – the entire list of questions and answers can be found here> http://www.scunthorpe-united.co.uk/page/News/0,,10442~2542727,00.html

Up the Iron!


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