Club consult fans over next year’s away kit

Scunthorpe United have announced, in a surprisingly refreshing move, that they shall be consulting fans over what the away kit will be for next season.

For the next week, all interested Iron fans can e-mail the club as to what kit they would prefer to be Scunny’s Away strip for the 2012/2013 season.

That said, despite the pleasant step of increasing the fans’ involvement in how the club is run, even at a basic level: the club still have many questions to answer.

Firstly, why is it necessary – especially in these straightened times, to be producing at least one kit every year: ensuring that £50 top from last year is already out of date?

Furthermore, what is happening to the home kit? Are the club retaining the current design, (which is popular with supporters), or are they merely just not consulting over it?

And there is a very notable absence from the club’s article.

Despite pushing the consultation as the best thing since sliced bread – there is actually less than no guarantee that the supporters’ wishes shall be the ultimate definer, (i.e. the most popular kit with fans is picked), merely that fans’ views shall be listened to.

Frankly – that slap in the face would be more of a PR own goal than having never announced this still generally very welcome consultation in the first place.

Nike, the kit makers, have sent across 7 basic designs: and it is from these templates that supporters can e-mail to register their vote.

The choices are as such:

Kit A – White with Red Trim
Kit B – White with Black Trim
Kit C – Blue with White Trim
Kit D – Grey with a Black “V”
Kit E – Gold with Black Stripes
Kit F – White with Black Sleeves
Kit G – Gold with Black Sleeves

The Any Old Iron team are divided as to which kit we believe is best, but it’s not our opinions that count – it’s yours!

So if you’ve got an opinion, and want to have a say – make sure you get your vote in by Noon on Thursday 1st December!

All the actual kit designs are available to view in the flesh on the Club’s Home Page.

Up the Iron!


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