Wharton to step down?

In what was an otherwise damp squid, and usual spin doctors’ lines from his Annual Report Statement – Scunthorpe United’s Chairman, Steve Wharton did let out a few interesting nuggets.

Firstly – there has been a promised further reduction of operating costs unless promotion is imminent, (i.e. this season).

Given the fact that the wage bill was culled during the summer already, hard-pressed supporters may find this hard to bear.

No matter what you think of their replacements: of late – the Iron have lost Paul Hayes, Gary Hooper, Grant McCann, Matthew Sparrow, Josh Wright, Martyn Woolford, Joe Murphy, David Mirfin and Rob Jones.

The wage bill has been cut sizeably, and if that were to occur furthermore in the future, it might worry the supporters and the management even further.

Also: the supposed “tidying up” of the registry list of shareholders has dramatically cut their numbers from over 1,300 to under 500.

This has been heralded as some great “Share Consolidation” and making the Share Registration “more meaningful” – but what on earth is that?!

This management speak seems to be reducing the plurality of the ownership and voices that come together to form Scunthorpe United. And with the club having so many questions remaining unanswered – this can never be a good thing.

But it was the final item, with the title hinting at it: Iron chairman Steve Wharton revealing that in the near future – he will be “actively seeking” a successor to fill his rather sizeable boots.

With the son of the Iron’s old owner having spent 10 year as chairman, (over 2 spells), not forgetting the 18 other years as a director – it appears ol’ Steve, who has of course battled with heart problems on and off for a long time now, may be finally eager to get off the stage.

Again: as to what specifics will involve “active seeking” is anybody’s guess. This just adds and adds to the questions the club still have to answer.

So then, any takers?


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