Iron away to AFC Wimbledon in FA Cup

It was a different experience to that of late for Iron fans watching the FA Cup draw this afternoon – but it didn’t disappoint for those of us who love a bit of romance and adventure.

For Number 37 wasn’t pulled out till close to the end – but it didn’t disappoint too much. For whilst it might be a potential banana skin tie: it’ll still be the first ever time the Iron have played the re-formed AFC Wimbledon.

The tie will take place on Saturday November 12th, providing it is not picked up by either ITV or ESPN. Given the un-glamorous nature of Scunthorpe & AFC, consider planning a 3pm Saturday trip a very safe bet indeed.

They don’t actually even play in Wimbledon, instead with a groundshare in Kingston-upon-Thames. It should be a good occasion for all Iron fans who love a bit of the FA Cup.

Especially since for the last 2 seasons the Iron’s Championship status gave us an automatic free pass to the 3rd round of the FA Cup, and the Iron have maybe missed out in a little bit of the beauty of the cup.

By the time the 3rd Round in early January comes, the vast majority of the non-league clubs who show the fight and ambition as to what makes the FA Cup what it is, have sadly passed the Iron by.

So when the draw was about to take place this afternoon, you couldn’t help but keep your fingers crossed for a trip away to one of the lower ranked clubs left in the competition, just to experience a bit of the magic of the FA Cup.

So when our number was pulled out the famous velvet bag, it signalled an away trip to AFC Wimbledon, and although they may not be a non-league club, (sitting comfortably in mid-table in League Two), it reminded many Iron fans of all the buzz and magic of what the world’s oldest football competition is all about.

For whilst AFC’s history might be short – you certainly couldn’t say of that the once mighty, albeit now defunct Wimbledon FC. I shan’t even mention Franchise FC.

When Wimbledon FC went bust you felt for the fans of this once great club. When plans were set for the team to relocate to newly formed town Milton Keynes (quite a fair whack away from Wimbledon itself), a huge percentage of the fans of Wimbledon FC decided to break away from the relocation to Milton Keynes, and thus decided to enter a new team into the Premier Division of the Combined Counties league for London and Surrey in 2002. Since then the club has had 5 promotions, and find their selves in league 2 in a comfortable position with a strong team.

I have a lot of respect for AFC Wimbledon. They showed why English football is the most passionate in the world without a doubt.

When we travel to the The Cherry Red Records Stadium, (in Kingston-upon-Thames, NOT Wimbledon: so don’t rock up in the wrong town!), it’s essential we show them huge respect. but are still ruthless enough to knock them out of course.

Even so, i can’t see them beating the Iron, for if we turn up in Surrey and show exactly what we are capable of – then there should be a ticket to the 2nd Round with our name written all over it!

We should definitely take the competition seriously, there is big money to be made for the club should we progress far enough, and also, what Scunny fan wouldn’t dream of a tie like Liverpool away or Arsenal at home?!

The Any Old Iron team for one, are very excited about this game, so fingers crossed we rock up to AFC and rock into the 2nd Round!

Up the Iron!


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