On this day in Scunthorpe Untied’s History…

Year Comp Opponents V  Result
1953 D3N     Hartlepool United A L 2-3
1955 D3N     Halifax Town H W 1-0
1957 D3N     Workington A L 2-3
1960 DIV2     Middlesbrough A W 3-1
1963 DIV2     Portsmouth H D 1-1
1968  DIV4      Exeter City H W 2-1
1973 DIV4     Northampton T A L 0-2
1974 DIV4     Hartlepool H D 1-1
1985 DIV4     Mansfield Town H L 0-3
1991 DIV4     Crewe Alexandra H W 1-0
1996 LD3     Chester City A L 0-1
2002 LD3     Macclesfield T A W 3-2

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